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I recently purchased a new condo and needed to buy appliances and furniture. In my first visit I got some really helpful service from Fahmida who had quite some knowledge about their appliance selection suitable for my condo space. She also invited me to come back and make my purchase at their big sale next month instead of purchasing that day. Upon my purchase the next month I was able to receive great pricing and score some complimentary bonuses as well! Badboy is even holding the delivery until my condo is ready in 3-4 months. Great service from Fahmida and Joe. I have had some questions about my purchase items since then and both of them are continually helpful with my concerns.

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Fahmida Chowd...
Sales Consult...
Joe Ng
Sales Manager

Couldn’t ask for better customer service! Monster Plow and their guys have so far been the most honest and reliable snow removal service I’ve used. I began to think that dealing with unproductive and lazy workers was inevitable but I was proved wrong! Since I began with Monster Plow in the spring, they have taken meticulous care of our lawn and gardens and done so with such enthusiasm and character. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

GREAT SERVICE 2015-03-23

I had the opportunity to buy a couch at bad boy. They were great to work with and patient

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Liz Bailey
Sales Consult...
THANKS RCC 2015-03-20

It was a pleasure having the RCC crew at our house fixing our water problem going to the basement. They did a wonderful job they worked SOO hard, I couldn't believe how deep they went into the holes it was just amazing and I can't believe they did it all in one day and they were wonderful.

Thanks !!


To the Management :
5403 136 Ave NW
Edmonton , AB

This being my second time making use of such a facility, I was a little hesitant to rent here . The fact that
Sentinel was a well known and established name in the business ,I thought of trying it out .

I was totally blown away by my experience here . The managers were very courteous,friendly always received me with a wide smile. The grounds were kept very clean and tidy making access pleasant .

I would recommend Sentinel to anyone who want short or long term safekeeping of their belongings .
I am a very satisfied guest tenant here . Thank you for this sweet experience as compared to the one before I tried Sentinel .


Employee(s) dealt with:
Janice B
Mike H

Awesome work on the furnace last October. The dry air is gone, the heat is perfect, and the bill is reasonable. Everything benefit you'd suggested has come to pass. Perfect!

BEST SERVICE! 2015-03-13

David appeared immediately to help - he was very knowledgeable and answered our questions quickly. I usually hate shopping but this was absolutely the best service!

Employee(s) dealt with:
David LeSeell...
Sales Consult...

This place sets the bar high for storage facilities. Clean and safe and well run. Kelly, Shannon and Larry are the dream team. They make storing your stuff less stressful. They are very knowledgeable in all aspects of moving and storage. I highly recommend Sentinel Storage.


My story started off on the right-foot. Initial meeting was very professional and curious. Roman (one of two BCH's primaries) gloated over his presentation which included an award of Excellence from his trade association Landscape of Ontario which by default, in my POV, puts BCH at the top of the landscaper's market. I was very impressed to say the least. The meeting, and we clicked. There, I thought, is a man with Passion for his work and no doubt a true professional. I couldn’t wait for him to start and break the ground for the project. That evening I went as far as trying to get my neighbour to also use his service, as I knew he was looking for something to be done in his back yard. We are located in a new (3 year old) development so all the necessities such as fencing and landscaping need to be done. Work commenced by the end of May of 2014. My wife was especially impressed with the progress during the process; I received constant feedback from her as she is a stay-at-home mother (sorry, having a hard time finding a better phrase, no offence to readers who might prefer different terminology; non-the-less, it takes a lot of skill and patience -- Love You Honey) as we have 3 small children. Her feedback was always positive with the exception of the garden part of the equation. Let me elaborate. Mrs Clara is BCH's secondary and Roman's spouse. She is responsible for garden design and the like. The only problem is, she kept on pushing her style onto my wife who does not like certain species, for example lilacs. And guess what, Mrs Clara shows up with a bunch of lilacs and intends to plant them in our garden after my wife specifically mentioned that lilacs are simply out of the question. And me, well; whatever my sweetie wants. I guess lilacs were on special at that time. LOL. After all said and done, I've spent $3800 for our flowerbed, which is premium for the job that was carried out, but I had no problem with that, since hey; sometimes it's better spend a little more and be done with it! Besides, I was guaranteed 12 month warranty on all plants and trees. Oh boy, was I wrong! We will get to that in a minute. Within a couple of weeks, things begun to die. My initial reaction was to get my professional's (BCH's) advice on how to tackle the issue. We had a problem with excess water on our part of the property due to grading and soil type, which in-effect created unfavourable conditions for growth. (Which I believe BCH should have been aware-of, as they have excavated the area to prepare for deck, patio and garden). I have followed BCH's advice of installing a weeping tile, at which point I preferred it to be done by BCH's chosen contractor as to make sure it's done to my professional's (BCH's) specifications. I've spent an additional $800 for the job, regretfully to no effect; the soil still held a lot of water. An additional extension of the weeping tile did not make any sense for me, as the company installing the item could not guarantee any better results with further modification to the existing weeping tile in place. I simply did not see a benefit of spending an additional $1,200 for the modification if the needed outcome could not be guaranteed. As that did not result in a fix, BCH's repose was to put the onus on me, and try to convince me that I over-watered the area. Hmm, I'm no expert but an orifice of approximately 0.020” on each sprinkler head times 3 heads at City's water pressure of about 45 PSI on my water main (remembered because my sprinkler “guy” checked the pressure before installing the system on my property), watering at 3 day intervals for 5 minutes per interval could not, in my opinion (and others), add so much water to the soil (which by-the-way is mulched). As it all turns-out, with BCH, once a client has paid for the job completed and encounters any problems that might be costly or simply inconvenient for BCH, all of a sudden the client becomes the enemy and is treated with disrespect, frankly speaking; the world is not all sunshine 24/7, so I don't mind, but what I do mind is the cavalier treatment that follows. I guess, it is your turn to become the expert. Now prepare to spend some more money. Pay for irrigation expertise (such as in my case, and may not apply to you), gardening experts, soil scientist to pull samples (can you believe it, there is such a job) and finally, just to make sure you have an "air-tight" case get yourself and engineer that deals with property grading and drainage to ensure that the grading and conditions present are not out-of-the-ordinary. Now you become the expert and frankly its disgusting what you find: Not the right top-soil, not enough of top-soil, wrong planting method for the type of conditions, and bad location of certain species. WOW, very intensive, I most certainly had no interest in diving this deep. At the end, I have invested a lot of my time, effort and money to compile my evidence. Why, you may ask, for a $3,800 flowerbed job? (Total job; flowerbed, deck and patio cost me $19,600) Well, lets say that I have a lot of capacity to take on BS but my wife most certainly doesn't! The heated conversations that took place after the fact between my wife and Mrs Clara were not pleasant and my wife felt ripped-off, yet again! Step in me. I held no reserve and went all-out after our final meeting in the fall of 2014. What truly surprised me was Roman's behaviour after the fact. Who would have thought?! A Professional behaving in such a childish manner, as if we were back on the school ground and I'm dealing with a Bully. Their final words of wisdom as they left our property were "We Will Never Step Foot on this Property Ever Again", they've Exclaimed. And "We're putting you on the Black List of Clients" Wow, I was in total disbelief. A "Black List"! This is something New and surely might be of interest to the industry segment in which I work in. What a bunch of BS! With evidence on-hand I started e-mailing BCH; but to no surprise, no response. First letter dated Jan 03, 2015 stated my problem and mentioned my promised "warranty". I was after-all not very surprised that there was no response; as the duel must have been under the impression that I am very angry, emotional and certainly bluffing. What?! Compiled evidence! They surely laughed. Follow letter #2, dated Jan 23, 2015 Now I'm more firm, and just to make sure that I am not wrong in thinking that they've received the initial letter, I also state that I will register-mail both the initial and current letter. Which of course I did. BCH's retaliation time followed; unpleasant phone calls and finally a formal response "Thank you for inquiry. BCH Landscaping Ltd. is closed for the winter season. We resume operations on Wednesday, April 1, 2015." Signed Veronica (Seasonal Administrative Assistant). Wow, that's a very convenient way to respond, considering my warranty lapses end of May 2015, and I will have no time left to do anything in this regard. Follow my 3rd and final letter dated Jan 31, 2015 giving BCH final notice to comply to my Warranty and knowing that BCH has no interest in resolving this Minor Issue and having had the unpleasant phone calls, I have demanded that any further communication between us will strictly be in Written form via eMail, Canada Post, FedEx, Purolator, or the like and I also explicitly stated that there will be No Verbal conversations whatsoever. Let us not leave any room for misunderstanding of any kind! Today is Mar 9th of 2015 and I still haven't heard from BCH in any shape or form. I've decided to write this review first. If that does not help, next I'm filing a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and if I need to go as far as the Small Claims Court, I will. I have collected all the evidence that one needs to have a strong case, I don't doubt that I will win but I will also claim damages for both my wasted time (which is valuable to me at-least) and mental anguish and unnecessary duress put on my wife. In conclusion, Clara's gardening was and is a disaster (ie its most/ all dead), the deck was built by an outside contractor and is of very good quality (Kudos), Roman's patio is also of very good quality but leaves some room for improvement (eg We've got an oval shape interlock boarder and in the design Roman decided to cut "slivers" out of the interlock and wedge between the rectangular pieces to accommodate the oval shape. He should have cut along the length of the interlock stone at an angle-cutting out tapers-on both sides to make an oval shape so that we would have gotten a seem-less design without future problems with these "slivers" that will crumble in time due to their shape.) Never intended to nit-pick! But what the heck, if I'm in, then lets be Very Specific and Professional, after all I had to become very knowledgeable in the topic. Now, I'm just very curious what BCH has to say about all this. Stay tooned. From one Dissatisfied Customer

FANTASTIC 2015-03-11

Lori was a fantastic sales person! Great communication skills

Employee(s) dealt with:
Lori Mcnair
Sales Consuol...
RON ADAMS 2015-03-10

I have been storing with Paramount for over a year.
Clean site and recommend to friends

Employee(s) dealt with:
John W

I'm pleased with the service and facilities. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

GREAT STAFF 2015-03-10

All of the staff was very nice, provided very good service. The sales consultant, Iman, was very nice and had very good advice.


We were forced to use Ateliers G. Paquette because of our purchased extended warranty. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. They are extremely unprofessional and have done more damage to my appliance then good. They have installed a new gasket on our fridge door 4 times because they haven't been able to do it right once. They installed a new Evaporator which now hums a morse code sound and smells like smoke when I open the door for too long. The customer service is the worst of it's kind. Really the worst repair guys I have ever dealt with in my life! Worst part is I know they are over charging the extended warranty company as well.

* A side note: the last 2 visits both technicians hurt themselves, one burnt his arm and the other cut his finger and bled all over my appliance and kitchen and didn't bother to clean it. We even had to give him bandages. Very unprofessional!


So far the service I have rec'd by the Staff of Glenmore Sentinel has been very helpful. Access is very easy and the hours are good.
As I only just started using Sentinel's services, I really cannot give an honest stars rating; so I will base it on my very brief experience so far.

Employee(s) dealt with:
Christina H

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