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I was at the Bad Boy Furniture Store at Honest Ed's location and was very pleased with the service I received. Staff were very courteous, professional and answered all my questions and I was able to easily decide what I wanted to buy.


I really appreciate the fact that all of the staff always go the extra mile to make sure that I am happy and that my needs are met. Thank You!


It was just one of those "casual visits" definitely with no intention to do business.
We ended up making a purchase and were awestruck with the attention to detail that was offered to us. Bad Boy (Shane M the Sales Rep) made absolutely certain that our purchase was an "informed one"
Our delivery was to be made within 24hrs of the purchase!!! WOW!
This is the first time we have ever made a purchase from Bad that we know what to expect I trust we will definitely consider their products again.

Employee(s) dealt with:
Shane McCracken
Sales Consult...

we bought a stove from bad boy in 2009 with enough warranty to last us till march of 2015
we noticed that the shelves were not fitting properly and were falling to the bottom of the oven when something was placed on top, making this a very dangerous appliance
I called the bad boy head office to put in a service call, and they send out a repair specialist right away
the diagnosis was that the oven walls had expanded and the racks did not fit anymore
their suggestion was to order new racks and the problem would be solved
the racks were ordered, but when they came in they did not fit
being a little upset I called the head office and I got Mrs. persoud on the phone
I did not even have to tell her about my problem with the oven ,she quickly read over my file and told me that no number of new shelves would ever fix my oven
and this is not the way badboy treats their customers and she would look into this issue and would call back
Mrs. persoud called back 30 minutes later and told us to go to the local badboy store and pick out a new stove at the value of what we had paid 8 years ago
and they would make the switch for us
I was blown away by the level of service that I received from badboy and from Mrs. persoud
I don't think that my problem would have been resolved, if Mrs. persoud had not taken charge of the problem
I would like to thank Mrs. persoud for fixing my problem and commend her and badboy on their level of fine service

GREAT SERVICE 2015-01-19

We had a very good salesperson, Austin, who showed us everything in the store in a very friendly and professional manner.

GREAT SERVICE 2015-01-18

Courteous and professional service from Sheldon!

Employee(s) dealt with:
Sheldon White
Sales Consult...
EXCELLENT 2015-01-13

Sheron was excellent. Very knowledgeable about your products. Successful in selling us what we came here for. We are pleased with the service. Manager, Shamaila was also helpful and very supportive of her staff.

Employee(s) dealt with:
Shamaila Nadeem
Sales Manager

I would recommend Sentinel to anyone looking for storage. The service is excellent, the price is good and the storages are well kept. I am very happy with their services. If needed you can also use their vans.

Employee(s) dealt with:
John S
ROOFING 2015-01-11

Installed my roof in the winter, i was so impressed. Thanks nancy
The guys where great. Very professional


The experience renting a UHaul here has been fantastic, we did everything online. The staff is very friendly and helpful, we had to do a last minute change and they were very accommodating so we couldn't be any happier.


What can I say, All Canadian Self Storage is awesome. I came in last night and it was actually past closing, and Leslie was here, and showed me in, got me everything I needed and here I am today with everything sorted, so All Canadian Self Storage! Awesome.

GREAT SERVICE! 2015-01-06

Highly recommended to anyone who needs quality carpet cleaning service. Paul was on time, courteous, and provided excellent work.


I hired these young men to help my elderly parents when they moved into an assisted living complex. Our family home was large and very full. My parents were thrilled with them. They were polite, hard working and their rates were exceptional. What impressed me most was their sensitivity towards my parents during this difficult and emotional time. My parents have said they would like to adopt them as grandsons. Kudos to these guys.


I purchased a living room set plus a dining room set, I picked up the living room set the day I purchased it on November 30, 2014 and was told I would receive the dining set before Christmas so we would have a table to have Christmas dinner on, I am still waiting, the first time I called was around the middle of December and was told it was not in and it would not be in until the middle of January, I am very disappointed, I would have bought another set from somewhere else if I would have known that, it has been paid for since November, they charged my credit card for it, they should not do that until you pick up your furniture, now that the holidays and good deals are gone I am still waiting for a table for my family to eat on. Next time I purchase furniture it better be in stock or who knows how long I will be waiting on it. We wanted to have dinner in our home this time, didn't happen!!!

User comments

by: LASTMANS (Company Rep.)
January 5th, 2015

Hello Daniel and Lisa, we're so sorry to hear about your living room set. We'd like to look into this further and come up with a resolution. Please email us your contact information at We look forward to hearing from you.

NEW CLOSET 2014-12-31

Best closet people in Ottawa. Price was awesome and the installation was super. Very happy with our choice.

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