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GREAT SERVICE! 2014-11-28

My sink wouldn't drain and the toilet wouldn't flush, or when it did, it kept running, so I definitely had to call the experts. They were exceptional from the initial telephone contact, to arriving at my home to diagnose the issue, getting authorization to go ahead with the work. The actual work performance was nothing short of professional. They took the time to explain the charges when the work was done and they made sure I knew exactly what to expect. I’m satisfied. Their service was polite and they are really competent. Thanks Richard and team!


Sloot Construction have to take the cake for being disrespectful , rude . They are involved in a small build on Law Drive . Residents of this street have endured excessive noise and traffic at all hours of the day and night related to this company . Dave Sloot - the owners brother was excavating one evening at 930 pm . When he was asked to stop the back hoe - he refused . He returned at 1130 pm later that evening and sat in the driveway of house he was " building" revving his truck for a half hour - to the dismay of many young families in the neighbourhood . When we asked to speak to owner regarding this bizzare behaviour - we were ignored . The owner couldn't be bothered to explain his brothers questionable behaviour . Other people have commented on the reviews with regards to this behaviour of this company and the people it employs and obviously with good reason . The owner of Sloot should be ashamed - your arrogance will be your downfall yet . Find a builder who cares about the community he is building in and isn't so arrogant that he can return your phone call.


The movers were professional, and all business.
They moved me in two hours, and handled my belongings with care.
The crew and salesperson were very reliable and very responsive during and after the move they called us during the move to ensure that all was proceeding on time and that the crew were professional.
Thank you Job well done, will be sure to use again.

RENOVATION 2014-11-24

Thank you so much for the job you did renovating our basement heating and cooling system. The finished product looks amazing -- actually better than I could have imagined! The workmanship (Gaston) was excellent. He was responsive and addressed all our questions.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone looking for a contractor.

GREAT 2014-11-24

Andre was not too pushy, and listened to what we wanted. Happily made changes to accommodate us. Was very good with our son in keeping him entertained. Wish the price could have been adjusted more.

AWESOME 2014-11-23

Great! Awesome customer service! Very Friendly, accomodating and helpful!

Employee(s) dealt with:
Sheldon White
Sales Consult...
EXCELLENT 2014-11-23

Anna did an excellent job - she explained everything about the products to help me with my purchase.

Employee(s) dealt with:
Anna Leung
Sales Consult...
GREAT OPTIONS 2014-11-20

Iman was very helpful and willing to show us many different options to suit our needs. Great experience and happy with service.


Daniel Torres was excellent. He is very knowledgable. Because of his service we purchased from Bad Boy today, and we will continue to purchase in the future.

Employee(s) dealt with:
Daniel Torres
Sales Consult...
GREAT DEAL 2014-11-17

Sheila and manager were great to discuss pricing. I appreciate the deal and the service I received.

Employee(s) dealt with:
Shiela Pharman
Sales Consult...
EXCELLENT 2014-11-10

Excellent service and very informative


Flooring was well installed and perfectly matched our interior decor. Sales man, Craig, was courteous (as was his installer Dave ...who was more like a welcomed guest than a stranger). Craig and staff responded to my million questions and even a change of mind on my flooring choice.

I would recommend this company to anyone desiring friendly service and great product.


Bruno Vettese is totally unreliable and is the worst contractor I have ever encountered in my life!
A simple 2 week project in now going into its 6th MONTH. The work is abysmal with deficiencies everywhere. He has left my home in ruins.

GREAT WORK 2014-10-30

We had Nature's Way come to give an estimate to put a metal screen over two holes that squirrels had made in our eves. They arrived on time. We showed them the problem (holes were on the facia on the third floor). They said the price would be $350 and they'd do the job right now! They had a long enough ladder in their truck to reach the third floor eaves. They covered the hole and installed a one way door to allow any squirrels inside to exit. They returned two weeks later, removed the door and secured the metal screening. Work was done at quoted cost, work area was cleaned up by them.
We had called another company to come for an estimate. They came, charged me $73 for the estimate and said it would cost $750 because they would have to rent a ladder long enough to go to the third floor. I recommend Nature's Way to anyone who has any kind of pest problem.


This painting company was hired by our builder. They did a poor job in painting and after customer service. Robert, the owner, has NO sense of customer service and expects people to be at his beck and call. We were trying to get the final painting done on our house and to make the arrangements with his company was very unprofessional. He was unwilling to work with us and it wasn't until one of his employees (Kemal) who was trying to be a little reasonable to work with us. The overall paint job in our house... was at best... okay... it didn't seem like they took care to make sure that paint didn't splatter everywhere in some spots. Also, they painted over things that the builder was going to fix first and then it was suppose to be painted. So spots that required some fixing with the drywall, would just be painted over. I know it may have been something between the builder and Aromi but I think Aromi was not very 'customer service' oriented.

User comments

November 26th, 2014

The lady who wrote this review was very unreasonable about granting us access at a reasonable time to complete the service- she seemd to think that the builder was providing some sort of upgraded "room service " type service- we offered several timely solutions which she turned down and offered only a very small window- mostly outside our business hours- which we coulndnt meet-It was a rainy day and she wouldnt allow us immediate access ( even after we arrived having an appointment made by the builder) She claimed she needed for us to wait around for an hour and a half or return after hours-Totally unreasonable and off the contract obligations she made with the builder when pourchasing ( see Purchase and sale agreement) and well outside the Tarion parameters where granting access during business hours is a requirement
However I instructed my serviceman Kimal to do what he could , in the interest of good service, and he obviously did-he went elsewhere and returned to accomodate the homeowner and the gratitude was this review- We absorbed an additional time cost outside our obligation
The paint splatters could have come from anyone who is not as proffessional since the builders had their own people conduct repainting not to hire us- we were not the exclusive painters along the way- like touchups after damages by other trades and pre PDI etc,- furthermore we were only servicing areas that were requested by the homeowner/builder -and all the areas serviced where ready to paint- I am not able to comment on drywall issues that may or may not have existed or came after the fact It would be nice if she would take the time to show her appreciation as fast as she took the time to be smudge our reputation.After all her work is done now and at her convinience- whats left for us?

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